Total Allocation $19,177 for 14 Grants

Combined Levels

FYRE – Franklin K-8 ($596) | Elvisa Faltesek

Purchasing essential equipment for FYRE – a student-run journalism club – to enhance their video production capabilities.

Elementary Schools 

All-Artists Aquarium – Garfield Elementary School  ($295) | Evie Wiman

Adding an aquarium in the school’s art room to provide students with a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere and a unique opportunity to observe and engage with aquatic life.

Volleyball Fun – Garfield Elementary School ($1,721) | Lucy Washburn

Installing an outdoor volleyball net and providing volleyballs to expand recreational options and increase physical activity for students during recess.

Kicking for More Goals – Garfield Elementary School ($2,500) | Isaac Boyer

Replacing old and unusable soccer goals with new, appropriately sized goals equipped with wheels for enhanced mobility and accessibility.

Middle Schools

Cheldelin Mural – Cheldelin Middle School ($2,109) | Jayda Castillo

SAFE (Students Advocating For Equity) leadership to create a mural to foster community, promote visibility and inclusivity for BIPOC students, and provide representation for diverse ethnicities, cultures, and identities.

LGBTQIA+ Art Installation – Linus Pauling Middle School ($670) | Harriet Ward

Purchasing supplies for a pride-themed art installation to foster collaboration and strengthen relationships among LGBTQIA+ students and promote acceptance and inclusivity for all students within the school community.

T-shirts for Dual Immersion – Linus Pauling Middle School ($1,800) | Yoab Gonzales

Creating custom t-shirts for dual language immersion (DLI) students to cultivate a sense of community and raise awareness of the program.

Sports Equipment For Life Skills – Linus Pauling Middle School ($2,200) | Aaron Salmoran

Purchasing modified soccer equipment for the life skills classroom to support and encourage students with disabilities to participate in sports activities and to accommodate a diverse range of needs and abilities.

High Schools

CHS Cultural Week  – Corvallis High School ($1,000) | Isme Quao

SAFE (Students Advocating For Equity) students to organize a cultural week to provide students with an immersive experience with a variety of cultures and traditions and to promote appreciation for diverse cultures.

Spartan Robotics Software Training Improvement Plan – Corvallis High School ($2,350) | Logan Quaka

Robotics team to purchase laptops, cables, and monitors for the expansion of the programming team and to facilitate enhanced collaboration and productivity.

“Engineering Together” | Bridge Building & Design Competition – Crescent Valley High School ($600) | Jesus Moreno Rangel

Hosting a bridge building & design competition for high school students at an OSU School of Civil and Construction Engineering classroom to inspire students from underrepresented backgrounds to consider a future career in engineering.

Native Restoration – Crescent Valley High School ($710) | Georgie Merback

Members of the Students for Environmental Action (SEA) club to remove invasive species and replace with native plants, to restore riparian habitats to benefit local wildlife and promote ecological balance. 

Crescent Valley Model United Nations – Crescent Valley High School ($750) | Alex Gough

Removing financial barriers for all CVHS Model United Nations members to attend the Model UN State Conference and ensure equitable access for each student.

STEM Equity – Crescent Valley High School ($1,875) | Richard Chen

Providing scholarships to support low-income robotics members and cover all travel fees to attend the annual FIRST Robotics Competition and Girls Generation Competition.