Total allocation: $15,700 for 7 grants

All Schools

Celebrating Corvallis School District’s BIPOC Students ($1,500) | Charlotte Patel

An event for students of color to gather in order to encourage a sense of community and build an increased sense of belonging. Also includes graduation cords for seniors who are finishing high school.

Middle School

Fishing Club—Cheldelin Middle School ($2,500) | Jordan Moss

A club using fishing skills to encourage outdoor activity, to teach about conservation, and to help students enjoy and care for the environment.

Taking Pride in Dual Immersion—Linus Pauling Middle School ($2,500) | Asher Beatty, Belen Hernandez & Joanna Alvarado

T-shirts and sweatshirts for Dual Immersion students and instructors at LPMS to celebrate their program and to promote the goal of positive cross-cultural attitudes and behavior.

High School

School Land-Acknowledgement Mural—Crescent Valley High School ($2,500) | Natalia Morales, Theo Abadilla & Simone Moulton

A mural and plaque to recognize the Native American peoples who lived on land now occupied by CVHS.

Metal shop Tool Upgrade and Management— Corvallis High School ($1,700) | Z Woody

Specialized tools for the metal shop to improve efficiency and to increase capacity for hands-on, real-world learning.

Painted Intersection Project —Corvallis High School ($2,500) | Taylor Young & Mahya Shakibnia-Shirazi

Street art at the entrance to a CHS parking lot to highlight diversity and to promote racial equity.

Yearbooks—College Hill High School ($2,500) | Marylu Perez, Dustin Pointer & Jesse Martin

Publication of the first-ever yearbook for CHHS students to celebrate their school community and to increase comradery.