Total allocation: $19,250 for 13 grants

All Schools

Cultural Discovery Project—Crescent Valley High School ($2,000) | Jeramie Kim

District-wide Cultural Discovery Children’s Book Project and Cultural Discovery Days to deepen intercultural understanding

Combined Levels

ASD Community Group—Linus Pauling Middle School and Corvallis High School ($1,000) | Chinua Tafen

Refreshments and local field trips for a new after-school Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) support group for students grades 6–12

The Crescent Crier Revitalization Project—Crescent Valley High School and Cheldelin Middle School ($750) | Jeramie Kim

Publish print versions of the school’s online magazine for distribution at Crescent Valley High School and Cheldelin Middle School

Elementary School

Community Mural Project—Garfield Elementary School ($2,500) | Wren Well

A student- and teacher-designed mural reflecting the unique, diverse population of the recently renovated school

Wheelchair Access Project—Kathryn Jones Harrison Elementary School ($500) | Cedar Marvin

Seed money to help kick-start fundraising for a more wheelchair-accessible playground

Middle School

Advanced Theater Create-A-Scene Project—Cheldelin Middle School ($500) | Lily Vaughn

Scenery supplies and costumes for short, student-devised original plays

Calm Room—Linus Pauling Middle School ($660) | Nicole Lopez Lobato

To be used in conjunction with the Linus Pauling Student Center grant (see below) to provide a calm place for students during the class day

Green-Team Sustainability Project—Cheldelin Middle School ($500) | Piper Thompson

Environmentally sensitive raffle prizes for a Sustainability Dare Week coinciding with Earth Day, during which students and staff will be asked to “stay green,” as well as for a sustainability art contest

Save-the-Planet Project—Linus Pauling Middle School ($2,500) | Ada Burkhardt

Supplies for a student-created mural bringing attention to the threats of climate change

Student-Center Remodel—Linus Pauling Middle School ($2,340) | Kevin Gonzales Ochoa

Furniture for the Student Center to make it more attractive and comfortable for students wanting a break 

High School

CTE in the Real World: Exposing Corvallis High School Students to Portland’s Industries—Corvallis High School ($1.500) | Jonah Davis 

A field trip to expose Career and Technical Education (CTE) students to skill-application possibilities in business and industry

MMIW 5K and Mural Celebration—Crescent Valley High School ($2,000) | Cecilia Seldera-Bahnson

Race-supply rental and t-shirts for a 5K run to raise awareness of missing and murdered indigenous women (MMIW) with proceeds going to an MMIW charity. The event will culminate in a celebration of the land-dedication mural funded by a 2022 YEA! Grant.

Stop Hate Campaign and Culture Week—Corvallis High School ($2,500) | Mahya Shakibnia-Shirazi

Banners, posters, and t-shirts, discouraging the use of ethnic and racial slurs as part of a school-wide campaign ending in a “culture week” with ethnic foods