I’d like to support the overall mission of the Corvallis Public Schools Foundation. What do you recommend?

We would be delighted to accept an unrestricted gift of any size to address the greatest needs in our schools. Typically, unrestricted gifts help us amplify our impact in high priority areas determined by the Board of Trustees, such as graduation rates, enrichment, and educational access.

May I specify what school, department, or program I want my gift to support?

Yes. Your gift can support a specific school, department, library, or program. Just note the designation and we will direct your gift to the appropriate area.

May I make a gift to support the work of a specific teacher?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept gifts earmarked for individuals. However, you are welcome to make a gift to a school, program, or department. Please contact us if you have questions.

May I make a gift in installments?

Yes! If you’re making an online donation, simply check the “make this a monthly donation” box. If you’re interested in establishing a fund over a period of years, please contact us.

Can I sign up for monthly giving?

Yes! Monthly giving, our Partners In Education (PIE) program is a valuable resource for the Corvallis Public Schools Foundation and is as easy as pie. Our PIE participants are “core” to our success! As a PIE participant, you are able to change or cancel your donation at any time. To maximize your gift, consider arranging a monthly check directly from your banking institution. If you are interested in learning more about the PIE Program for monthly donations, please contact us

How can I get a tax receipt for my gift?

Receipts for online gifts are automatically sent to your email inbox. Tax receipts for all other donations are mailed as gifts are processed. If you do not receive a tax receipt or you need an additional copy, please contact our office.

What is the non-profit tax ID number of the Corvallis Public Schools Foundation?

Our Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Federal Tax Identification Number is 93-1208608.

Is there an administrative fee for gifts to the Corvallis Public Schools Foundation?

The Corvallis Public Schools Foundation funds future development activities and ongoing operations through a combination of administrative fees and a small amount of direct support from the Corvallis School District. Fees vary based upon the type of fund and services performed. Here is a breakdown of our fee structure:

  • There are no fees on unrestricted donations or transfers from parent teacher organizations.
  • The administrative fee for an endowed fund is 1% per annum. There is no administrative fee to establish or contribute to an endowed fund.
  • There is a 5% fee on all temporarily restricted donations.

I’m interested in establishing an endowed fund. What should I know?

Establishing an endowed fund with the Corvallis Public Schools Foundation is a wonderful way to benefit students for generations to come. We require a minimum investment of $20,000. Donors may elect to contribute in annual installments for up to four years. Your fund can be established in your name or in honor of someone important to you, and you may specify in a gift agreement the areas the fund will benefit. CPSF will administer annual grants from the distributable income in accordance with current financial policies.

How can I establish a scholarship with the Corvallis Public Schools Foundation?

We would be glad to work with you to create a scholarship in your name or in honor of someone important to you. CPSF scholarships are endowed and require a minimum investment of $20,000, which you may give in annual installments over up to four years. You may choose the criteria for recipients, such as community service, financial need, academic merit, or a specific major. Recipients are chosen by the CPSF Grants and Scholarships Committee and are encouraged to connect with donors by writing thank-you notes and other meaningful communications.