Joining our Board of Trustees or volunteering to assist Corvallis Public Schools Foundation staff are great ways to get involved and support education in our community.

is a precious resource.


Thank you for your interest in greater involvement with the Corvallis Public Schools Foundation!

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Trustees, we invite you to apply. Submit your application by May 1 to be considered for the coming August. Thank you!

What do we ask of Trustees?

The time commitment for trustees is typically five to ten hours per month. Board terms are three years and trustees may serve two consecutive terms.

We ask that trustees do the following:

  • Advocate for public education, and have the greatest interest in and passion for our mission.
  • Participate as a proactive driver and doer in fundraising and outreach activities.
  • Donate time, talent, energy and money (as you are able) to support the Foundation.
  • Review progress of programs and stay abreast of factors influencing the organization.
  • Understand the organizational mission, vision, bylaws, and policies.
  • Participate in the development and refinement of strategic goals and objectives.
  • Approve annual operating budget and provide resource and financial oversight of the organization. Ensure legal and ethical integrity. Sign annual conflict of interest disclosure.
  • Participate in the supervision and annual performance review of the Executive Director.
  • Attend at least 70 percent of the regularly scheduled Board meetings (generally 12-1:30 on the 4th Wednesday of each month). Lead and/or serve on two committees and attend those meetings.
  • Recruit and nominate new trustees and participate in Board performance self-assessment (if applicable).

Not interested in the Board of Trustees? If you are interested in volunteering with the Foundation in another capacity, please contact us to start a conversation.