All Levels

Produce Boxes — $12,000

This project will supply fresh, local produce from Riverland Family Farms to fifty families experiencing food insecurity and transportation barriers. Families will receive produce every other week throughout a twenty-week season. Boxes will include nutrition education activities and recipes in English and Spanish, thanks to a partnership with the Corvallis Environmental Center and Oregon State University’s Food Hero Program.

Elementary School

Community Summer Camp Scholarships — $16,500

Many students experiencing poverty or homelessness suffer from isolation, stress, learning loss, food insecurity, and other unmet needs during the summer. This grant equips the Corvallis School District’s family support team with funds to enroll students in summer camps and programs in the community. This is especially important for younger students who need access to all-day programs and care. School District personnel will also arrange transportation to and from camps as needed.

Summer Boost — $29,952

Offered in virtual, hybrid, and in-person formats five mornings per week, this three-week program will be geared toward helping rising first through fifth graders recover foundational academic skills. In-person classes will be offered in English and Spanish at Mountain View Elementary and Adams Elementary Students from any Corvallis elementary school may participate at either site.

Camp Ubuntu — $12,350

Ubuntu (oo-boon-too) is a Zulu or Xhosa word meaning “I am because we are.” It is a term for humaneness, caring, sharing and being in harmony with all of creation. Offered in both English and Spanish, this non-academic virtual afternoon program will include offerings such as Lego camp, book camp, art camp, chess camp, fitness camp, STEM camp and virtual travel camp. Camp Ubuntu is an opportunity for students to foster relationships with peers and adults in a safe, supportive environment.

Camp Griffin — $25,870

The past year has been a time of limited social interaction and opportunities to develop relationships with peers and adults outside of students’ homes. Many marginalized students have experienced this loss most starkly. Camp Griffin will boost social connections and community engagement for students at Wildcat and Mountain View Elementary Schools. Students will start each afternoon with a gathering circle and then rotate through a series of hands-on stations and activities facilitated by an adult.

Middle School

Multiple Summer Classes — $39,606

This two-week summer program will offer Cheldelin and Linus Pauling Middle School students an opportunity to build proficiency in math, literacy, and social communication. In addition to increasing academic skills, these classes aim to boost students’ confidence as they prepare for the 2021-22 school year.

Algebra 1 Preparation for High School — $4,908

Successful completion of Algebra 1 by 9th grade is an important benchmark for on-time graduation. This two-week program will cover skills and standards essential for success in Algebra 1 for incoming 9th grade students. This program is designed to build confidence and close learning gaps that may have occurred in middle school. 

High School

Summer Field Ecology Camp — $8,377

This two-week hands-on camp is for high school students who are deficient in science credits. The class will include field trips to different sites around Oregon where students can complete hands-on field studies in biodiversity. Successful participants will earn .5 credits in science.

Credit Recovery — $30,348

This five-week program is designed to help students catch up on credits to either complete final graduation requirements or get back on track in their progress toward graduation. This program is open to any high school student who has failed a class or is behind in credits. 

English Credit Recovery for Corvallis High School Students — $4,018

This four-week intensive course is for students who failed a semester of Language Arts. For many students, online English courses do not adequately replace the experience of taking a course in a classroom with a teacher. A crucial component to increasing graduation rates, this course allows students to complete reading and writing tasks meant to build skills and supplement work completed over the course of the year.

Trauma-Informed Introduction to Literature for Corvallis High School Students — $5,359

This three-week course for incoming ninth-graders will combine non-traditional, trauma-informed classroom practices with trauma-informed curriculum. Students will have an opportunity to not only earn credit, but to develop reading, writing and thinking skills in the context of developing emotional literacy and executive functioning. This program will pay special attention to building classroom community founded in trusting relationships between teacher and student and among peers.

Book Club for College Hill High School Students — $1,450

Focused on young adult novels with nontraditional protagonists, this in-person Book Club will allow students to read books together and meet for discussion, reflection, and community. Book Club seeks to re-engage students who are deficient in English credits while building essential skills for academic success. In addition, Book Club aims to provide a place for students whose mental health would benefit from social support and interaction.  

Total Investment: $190,738