Multiple Sites: Kindergarten Academy — $25,000

This three-week, invitation-only summer program is focused on social and emotional learning for students entering kindergarten. Students practice skills like how to line up, how to ask for help, how to share, and playground etiquette to build confidence and prepare for the upcoming year.

Salsa con Salsa — $7,000

This three-week program at Lincoln Elementary promotes growth in Spanish conversation and literacy skills through bailefolklorico (traditional dance) and cooking activities.

Aventuras — $7,000

This ten-day summer program at Garfield Elementary is geared toward 4th- and 5th-grade students who need additional assistance in literacy and communication in Spanish or English, regardless of home language. Students will experience project-oriented, bilingual activities that incorporate science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). 

Summer Skill Boost — $4,500

This summer boost at Wilson Elementary is designed to help students improve their fundamental math and literacy skills. The experience will combine peer engagement and hands-on activities to help students meet academic demands of 2nd through 5th grades by building vocabulary, writing, literacy, and applied math skills.  

Middle School

Cheldelin and Linus Pauling Summer Success Camps — $11,336

This two-week summer boost for incoming 6th graders helps prepare students for a successful start to their middle school math experience. In addition to honing their academic skills, students will practice organizational and time management skills, meet key staff, and understand the expectations of 6th graders.

Linus Pauling Middle School Home Court Orientation — $866

This intensive, two-day program will assist students in the LPMS Home Court program. Home Court was created as a resource for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and is also a safe space for students with Sensory Processing Disorder. This orientation program will consist of get-to-know-you activities, expectation stations, interactive games, locker assistance, distribution of technology, and identification of trusted adults at school. 

High School

Corvallis High School English Acceleration — $2,510

This three-week program is geared toward 10th through 12th graders who are deficient in English credits. Students are required to complete four credits of English in order to graduate with a regular diploma. Geared toward emerging bilingual students, this class will allow students to earn .5 credit of English and get one step closer to graduation.

English Credit Recovery — $2,237

This four-week course at Corvallis High School is for students who failed a semester of language arts. We acknowledge that online English courses do not adequately replace the experience of taking a course in a classroom with a teacher. Therefore, this intensive course allows students to complete reading and writing tasks meant to build skills and supplement work they completed over the course of the year.

High School Credit Recovery — $10,000

This five-week program serves students enrolled in Corvallis High School, Crescent Valley High School, and College Hill and is designed to help students catch up on credits to either complete final graduation requirements or get back on track in their progress toward graduation. This program is open to any high school student who has failed a class or is behind in credits. 

Summer Bridge Program — $6,400

This two-week program at Corvallis High School is designed for incoming 9th graders to create a unique learning opportunity to make connections with staff, each other, and their new school prior to the start of school. The students will build community, learn student skills like note-taking and time management, and participate in hands-on activities in various content areas. 

Total Investment: $76,849