CPSF Awards $80,000 in IMAGINE Grants

The Corvallis Public Schools Foundation is excited to announce the distribution of $80,000 in IMAGINE Grants, supporting innovative projects to foster student achievement, equity, real-world learning, and overall student well-being. IMAGINE grants—an acronym of Innovation, comMunity, Action, chanGe, Inclusivity, collaboratioNEngagement—are available to all Corvallis School District staff and have been a vital part of the Foundation’s commitment to supporting Corvallis students since 2008. With nearly $900,000 awarded to date, the program continues to positively influence countless students and educators. 

This year, 31 projects received funding, ranging from a districtwide CSD student art exhibit, literary reading lounges, vihuelas for student mariachi, districtwide family math nights, and the creation of an elementary school sensory path. These initiatives reflect the Foundation’s dedication to creativity, inclusivity, and a comprehensive approach to learning. Angela Hibbard, Executive Director, emphasizes the transformative impact of IMAGINE Grants on classrooms, stating, “These grants empower educators to offer students enriching experiences beyond a conventional curriculum, sparking innovation and fostering an environment where every student can thrive.” IMAGINE Grants have become a cornerstone of the Foundation’s efforts, encouraging teachers to dream big and implement projects with a lasting impact.

CPSF looks forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of the IMAGINE Grants program, furthering its work to ensure that every student in the Corvallis School District graduates as engaged community members, ready to contribute to their fullest potential.

For a full list of 2023 IMAGINE Grants, click here

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