Total Allocation of $80,000 for 31 Grants

All Schools

2nd Annual Districtwide Art Exhibit: CSD pARTy! (Christa Schmeder)β€”$5,000

A transportable art exhibition showcasing student artwork represented by all 13 schools to share with the greater community.

Family Math Nights (Kimberly Johnson) β€”$5,000Β 

Providing engaging math games and materials to advance equity, reduce math anxiety, and enrich student learning by fostering positive math mindsets through family engagement.Β 

Arabic Culture and Language Club (Rabab Zghal Ep Khammar) β€”$2,000

Purchasing large visual aids in Arabic, interactive aids, audiovisual support, Arabic letter puzzles, scrabble, books, and children’s encyclopedias to nurture students’ desire to share about their culture and their respect for other cultures. To also include a reading corner in the Arabic Club classroom.

Multiple-School Grants

Women of the Woods Woodshop Camp (Aaron McKee)β€”$4,920

To offer after-school woodworking camps for Cheldelin Middle School, Linus Pauling Middle School, Corvallis High School, and Crescent Valley High School designed to increase the representation of women in all Career & Technical Education (CTE) fields.

Children’s Books About Letitia Carson (Christy Koegler)β€”$1,000

Purchasing printed copies of nonfiction children’s books about Letitia Carson for classrooms at Letitia Carson Elementary School and elementary schools throughout the district.


Vihuelas for Mariachi (Kathryn Kinney)β€”$5,000

Purchasing vihuelas for students in 3rd – 5th grade to learn about, practice on, and perform as a Mariachi.Β 

Sensory Path (Claudia Cano )β€”$3,500

Creating two sensory paths in the halls of Garfield Elementary designed to keep kids moving while supporting their development and well-being, supporting diverse sensory needs.

Animal Adaptations Field Experience (Emma Poff) β€”$598

Taking third-grade students to Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon to participate in hands-on learning experiences and study animal adaptations within the coastal ecosystem.

Kathryn Jones Harrison

Kathryn Jones Harrison School Garden Revival (Amanda Tucksen)β€”$2,000

Making updates to the existing garden to prevent deer damage; planting trees, flowers, perennial fruits, and vegetables, and building a pergola.

Second Grade Field Trip to the Eugene Science Center (Irene French)β€”$750

Providing admission to the Eugene Science Center, exhibits, a planetarium show, and an enrichment lab for two second-grade classes.


STEM to Enrich Little Minds (Arianna Gonzalez-Cas)β€”$2,000

Purchasing STEM materials that promote problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and logical skills.

Mountain View

Mountain View School Garden Rejuvenation Project (Michael Fischer)β€”$5,000

Making significant improvements to the school garden to create a vibrant and inclusive outdoor learning environment. Includes replacement of old irrigation, updated garden beds, soil, educational signage, garden tools, and curriculum materials.

Reading Lounges (Keli Abbott)β€”$5,000

Creating four literary-themed spaces around the school to enhance and promote students’ immersion in literature.Β 

Everyone Is An Author (Shayna Hicks)β€”$3,924

Providing the opportunity for K-3rd students to become published authors, aimed to empower students and promote literacy within the school community.


6th Grade Science Field Trip (Alexis McQuillan)β€”$2,166

Creating a science-based 6th-grade field trip for the end of the year. Having representatives from the OSU science department (genetics and fire ecology), Greenbelt Land Trust, and Confederated Tribes of the Siletz or Grand Ronde to teach students genetic engineering/selective breeding of trees in relation to climate change, economic use, and land management.

SAFE Family Dinners (Jennifer Davis)β€”$1,053

Developing and growing relationships and community with the diverse families of SAFE Students by hosting two potluck dinners during the school year.

Aquaculture 2.0 (Jeremy Adams)β€”$985

Expanding the aquaculture elective class to increase capacity and include more students.

Linus Pauling Middle School

Math Tutors (Heathrina Stanfield)β€”$1,000

Providing incentives in conjunction with a math tutor program during Pride Class, to help create a positive math culture and support students in strengthening their math identity.

C.A.T.S. Club (Sarah Johnson)β€”$850

Purchasing a popcorn machine, which The Corvallis Autistic Teen Social (CATS) Club will use to run a small popcorn stand at local events. Funds from the popcorn stand will be used to fund the club and any remaining profits will be donated to an organization that empowers autistic youth.

College Hill

College Hill Yearbook Club (Anne Foltz)β€”$2,500

A student-led, staff-supported club to produce yearbooks for the school’s students.

College Hill Weight Room Equipment (Jefferson Peak)β€”$1,901

Providing a complete weight room for students to learn more about the importance of strength training and exercise, to improve student wellness, and to build positive relationships among staff and students.

Farm Fence After the Remodel (Cherie Taylor)β€”$1,623

Supporting a partnership between the College Hill Urban Farm students and the College Hill Construction Program to install a hoop house and move existing fencing to expand farmable land access.Β 

T-shirt Printing Business (Cherie Taylor)β€”$930

Starting a t-shirt printing business at College Hill. Students will create unique designs and additionally provide the Urban Farm t-shirts that are awarded to students each year.

College Hill Art Class (Drew Kelly)β€”$650

Purchasing new art supplies for College Hill art students who historically have not always had the opportunity to participate in art class and experienced limited access to supplies.

Corvallis High School

Equity in Band (Matt Boring)β€”$5,000

Purchasing musical instruments for incoming freshmen to increase equitable access to music for all students.

Latin Voices of our Community (Carlos Valdes-Casillas)β€”$4,550

Training students in the design, use, distribution methods, and evaluation of a bilingual questionnaire. Students will bring their perspectives to the attention of community support groups in Corvallis, helping to revisit the resources offered to Latino/a/x families in Corvallis. Students will lead focus groups and conduct interviews highlighting Hispanic identity and its representation in all schools.

Lingo Lunch (Karrie Woodruff)β€”$3,000

English learners (ELs) along with proficient English speakers gather weekly for lunch to build community while using English to increase language proficiency.

Crescent Valley High School

Student Music Production Stations (Jens Lovtang)β€”$4,907

Providing three music production stations for students to write, create, and record their own original music.

MMIWG2S 5k Fundraiser (Julia Blue Arm)β€”$1,500

SAFE students to host a second annual 5k Run & Walk in May 2024 to fundraise for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirit People (MMIWG2S).

Marine Science Matters! (Eva Riedlecker-Wolfe)β€”$1,054

Field trip for two Introduction to Environmental Science classes to attend Hatfield Marine Science Center.Β  Students will participate in research lab activities, study estuary populations, and learn about the unique adaptations of organisms living in the intertidal zone.

WINGS Business/Job Site Supplies (Allison Patrick)β€”$2,534

WINGS CV Businesses to become more profitable and self-sustaining by increasing capacity to market and sell beyond the local area. Support for WINGS students’ expanding marketable skills and increasing opportunities for employment.