Fall 2011 Grants

  • Adams Elementary, camera to photograph student art work
  • Cheldelin Middle School, science equipment for wetland studies
  • Crescent Valley, media projector
  • Crescent Valley, books for Spanish speaking students
  • Crescent Valley, reference library books
  • Franklin K-8, folktalke books and world maps
  • Garfield Elementary, math manipulatives
  • Hoover Elementary, quality bound graphic novels for young readers
  • Jefferson Elemntary, non-fiction books for young readers
  • Jefferson Elementary, books that appeal to young male readers
  • Lincoln Elementary, nonfiction audiobooks
  • Linus Pauling Middle School, integrated art and science project for sixth graders
  • Wilson Elementary, hands free, wireless microphone

Spring 2012 Grants

Technology and equipment:

  • Corvallis High, smart board for math classes
  • Adams Elementary, iPad for special education individualized learning
  • Cheldelin Middle School, projector and document camera for choir program
  • Linus Pauling Middle School, iPads for pilot math class
  • Crescent Valley High, tablets for digital imaging in art classes
  • Crescent Valley High, document camera for science classes

Art and Science:

  • Crescent Valley High, Kiln for jewelry and glass art classes
  • Garfield Elementary, Music and Literature integration project

Literacy and Student Support:

  • Crescent Valley High, Career Center resource materials
  • Linus Pauling Middle School, Living Voices performance for all 8th grade students
  • Corvallis High School, Math Academy summer program