November 8th 2023 STEM Day: IMAGINE Grant Highlight

Wearables Hackathon!

On June 3, 2023, the CHS Computer Science Program hosted a one-day event aimed at attracting students who are historically, culturally, and systemically underrepresented in the field of computer science and engineering. The event was planned and designed in collaboration with the CHS Robotics Club and was funded by a CPSF IMAGINE grant. This project along with many other funded IMAGINE Grants aims to encourage innovative ideas that advance equity and enhance students’ experiences in their school communities.

The event was a success with 17 attendees (ages 8 – 18) participating in the workshops, which were designed to introduce them to wearable electronics. The attendees were able to build electronic wearables they could take home and further develop. Randy

Macdonald, the CHS staff member who applied for the grant, shared his favorite memory from the project. He worked with two siblings, Julia and Paul, who were just finishing 3rd and 5th grades, respectively. They were excited to learn about creative computing with wearable electronics. They stayed for the entire workshop and went home with some well-made projects, with plans to further develop them. Their mother, Clara Llebot Lorente, a Data Management Specialist for Oregon State University Valley Library, was also excited to learn more about wearable electronics and how she could use projects like these to further her kids’ interests in computing and technology.

The success of this event and the impact of IMAGINE grants on Corvallis students is encouraging. It is commendable to see how generous gifts from the community can go a long way in promoting innovative ideas and enhancing students’ experiences in their school communities.