It’s as easy as… PIE!

Vickie and Keith Taylor have made a gift to the Corvallis Public Schools Foundation every month since 2006. Their donations have supported key CPSF initiatives and individual school programs. While both have retired, Vickie as a longtime 509J staff member, and Keith from HP, maintain their monthly gifts because, as Vickie told us, “we never miss the money when we never see the money.”
Over the course of 16 years, the Taylors feel their monthly gift is an opportunity to support the whole community. The Taylors appreciate their ability to adjust or cancel their gift at any time with a phone call or email to our office.
Monthly giving is a sustainable option for both donors and the Corvallis Public Schools Foundation. Many donors, like Keith and Vicki, appreciate that their impact can be spread throughout the year while minimizing the drain on their budget. Recognizing the effort and commitment of monthly donors, the Corvallis Public Schools Foundation has given a name to this group: PIE—Partners In Education. Any way you slice this PIE, it is a sweet resource for Corvallis School District students and staff.
Thank you to the Taylors for their years of monthly giving and for supporting great opportunities in the Corvallis School District. If you are interested in learning more about the PIE Program for monthly donations, please contact [email protected]