509J Supports for Children Living in Foster Care

By Sabrina Wood
Student Services Coordinator
Corvallis School District takes seriously how we best care for and support our students within the foster care system. Students living in foster care may need to have significantly more transitions and changes as a part of their educational career and we do what we can to minimize the potential harm from those transitions.

The Corvallis Public Schools Foundation contributes resources to both our mental health and family advocacy programs, which provide direct support for students and families in foster care. As a CPSF donor, your contributions to the well-being of our students provide incredible support and interventions for some of our most vulnerable community members.

When students transition between foster homes, the school district provides transportation to best keep students connected to their current school. School teams often support working with the foster parent, DHS, and potentially other community advocates. Additionally, the school district’s mental health team makes a concerted effort to keep in mind the mental health needs of students living in foster care and how to best support students during these complicated transitions and placements.

Foster parents often have different rights than biological or adoptive parents. We work hard to support foster parents with the navigation of guardian and student rights. It is important that students and guardians both feel that their voice is heard and understood in asking for what they need. School counselors and social workers are often on the front lines of supporting students during their transition into a foster home or a change in their foster placement, offering a listening ear and setting up plans to support students during transition.

The Corvallis School District and DHS will be partnering over the next many months to help build a community of foster care providers in support of keeping our kids within the Corvallis community. Please contact me at [email protected] if you’d like to be part of the conversation. Visit Oregon Foster Care Programs to learn more about our state foster care program.

Thank you for your continued support!