Creating an endowed fund allows you to establish long-term support for Corvallis Public Schools through an immediate gift or by bequest. You may create a new fund or contribute to an existing endowment. We require a minimum gift of $20,000.00 to create a new fund. This can be built over a period of up to four years. If you would like to discuss endowed funds, please contact us at 541-757-5857. Information about scholarship funds is available here.

Better World Endowment for Equity and Inclusion

Established in 2017 through the generosity of Gifts for a Better World, the Better World Endowment supports the following:

  • Full participation in school for students navigating poverty. Funds will help meet basic needs and cover fees that would otherwise inhibit participation in school activities.
  • Programs geared toward supporting historically underserved and underrepresented students,
  • Projects that address equity and inclusion and offer educational benefits to historically underserved and underrepresented students.

Download a full description of the Better World Endowment.

Bicycle Safety Education Endowed Fund

This fund was established by the Mid-Valley Bicycle Club to provide sustaining funding for bicycle safety education offered in Corvallis public schools. Additional gifts to this fund will help build the corpus and provide future students the opportunity to learn to ride safely and responsibly.

Barbara E. Fry Endowed Fund

This fund was established by retired teacher Barbara Fry to provide funding for K-5 students to participate in art, dance, music, and the communication arts, visits to concerts, museums, and plays. It is specifically to support the ‘average’ student and since its inception has been a funding source for CPSF learning enrichment grants.

Corvallis High School Class of 1966 Student Participation Fund

This fund was established by the CHS class of 1966 on the occasion of their 50th high school reunion. The purpose of the fund is to support basic needs and educational and enrichment opportunities for students navigating poverty. The fund may be used to encourage participation in school-sponsored endeavors and activities such as the arts, athletics, culture, and technology, and to provide any other assistance to enable students to achieve an enriching experience while a student at CHS.

James H. Muldoon and Sally E. Muldoon Fund

This fund was established through a bequest with no specified designations for its use. CPSF Trustees identify special projects in need of funding. This fund has supported the District’s all-day kindergarten program (2008), literacy programs (2010), and the CPSF learning enrichment grants.

Harold and Alma Moldenke Outdoor School Endowed Fund

This fund was established by Alma Moldenke in honor and memory of her husband, Dr. Harold N. Moldenke to support the school district’s Outdoor School and environmental education programs. Additional gifts to this fund will ensure continuing support of environmental education of Corvallis middle school students.

Doris L. Myers Memorial Endowed Fund

This fund was established in memory of Doris L. Myers, a longtime school district employee. The fund supports innovative learning projects through the CPSF learning enrichment grants program. Additional gifts to this fund will ensure continued support for innovative approaches to learning.

Mario and Alma Pastega Golden Apple Endowed Fund

Established in 1996 by Mario Pastega, this fund provides cash awards to teachers as part of the annual Golden Apple Awards. The Golden Apple Awards recognize outstanding achievements by district teachers and staff and are managed by the Corvallis Public Schools Foundation.

Midge Mueller Fund

This fund was established in 2015 in memory of Midge Mueller, a former math teacher who loved teaching middle school students. This fund offers assistance to middle school students who need extra support with math education.

Zel Brook Art Project Endowed Fund

Zel Brook and Bradley Whiting established the Art Project Endowment to support the creation of projects in the fine arts of sculpture, painting, and drawing, including murals or other works of mixed media such as tile by students in the Corvallis public schools. Funds may also be used to support permanent installation of a project in a Corvallis public school. Additional gifts to this fund will ensure continuing support for student art projects.