Total allocation: $75,000 for 26 grants

All Schools

Cold Weather Gear for Families (Sarah Devine and Annie Bittner) — $1,820
To provide warm and rain-repellent winter clothing for the unhoused families of our most vulnerable students while shelters remain closed or limited in capacity.

Motel/Car Camping Kits for Families (Sarah Devine and Annie Bittner) — $1,385
To provide nutritious, ready-to-eat meals and basic staples for families living in tents, cars, campers, etc. that lack kitchen access.

Incentives for Active Transportation (Bailey Payne) — $4,340
To fund helmets, locks and possibly scooters to students who otherwise have barriers to active transportation or using school or public transportation.

All Elementary Schools

K-5 Sustainability Curriculum (Bailey Payne) — $5,000
To pay for professional review of existing K-5 sustainability curriculum and add easily accessible, practical sustainability materials for inclusion in existing teacher lessons.


Geco Banda de Mariachi (Kathryn Kinney) — $4,500
To broaden culturally inclusive music study by creating a mariachi band and teaching trumpet, vihuela, guitarrón, and classical guitar.

Plan it, Build it Mobile Makerspace (Ted McCann) — $4,500
To purchase “Plan it, Build it,” a flexible makerspace in the school library where students can plan and build creations through the use of legos, giant tangrams and to provide crucial storage space to expand makerspace activities in the future.

Culturally Relevant Books for Kindergarten (Daniel Olvera) — $620
To buy a small collection of 35 culturally relevant books to read to students in the kindergarten classroom, allowing kids to see themselves in some of the stories read in the classroom.

¡STEM en segundo grado! (Susan Rodinsky) – $1,500
To provide bilingual STEM tubs with manipulatives, task cards, a marble run, magnetic tiles, and Zoob building set for three second-grade classrooms.

Letitia Carson

Wildcat Runners (Nolan Bradley) — $2,650
To revitalize the physical fitness program by creating opportunities during lunch recess for as many as 50 students to run laps and engage in running games.

Learn to Play Piano! (Serena Valentin) — $1,950
To provide a set of small, battery-powered, roll-up keyboards to allow a full class to participate, rather than only half a class that is possible with current supplies.

Kindergarten Rain Suits for Outdoor Investigations (Maria Adams) — $2,500
To facilitate year-round garden use in this Title 1 school and ensure that kindergartners stay warm and dry, rain suits will add to the District-purchased boots.


Bilingual Books for Bicultural Minds (Erin Cavagnaro) — $1,200
To purchase bilingual/Spanish books and materials for classroom use in one of the District’s two dual-language schools.

Lincoln Makerspace (Sonya Bacheller) — $1,000
To purchase Kits and materials required for the operation of the new building’s makerspace for hands-on learning.

Latinx Musical Ensembles (Naomi Hartman) — $4,500
To launch two Spanish Language/Latinx ensembles: a traditional dance group, Baile Folklorico, and accompanying musical group, Mariachi Strings.

Mountain View

First Grade STEM Rocks! (Shayna Hicks) — $700
To purchase STEM building materials for first-graders  to help students develop a love for STEM subjects.

STEAM Maker Space at Mountain View (Jesse Papineau) – $2,500
To purchase a rolling, locking  tool cart and tools that can be used by all Mt. View students as a mobile STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) maker space for projects and  exploration to enrich classroom learning.

Cheldelin Middle School

SynDaver Frog Dissection Models (Alexis McQuillan) — $3,000
To purchase realistic rubber frogs for sixth-grade students to extend learning through simulated dissection and to explore why amphibians are disappearing.

Linus Pauling Middle School

STEM Classroom Improvements (Amanda McBride) – $4,800
To provide multiple workspaces in the new STEM classroom separate from regular classroom tables and chairs.

Reading Engagement for Struggling Readers (Rebekah Schneiter and Lara Delp) — $500
To expand the classroom library by purchasing newer high-interest novels that may interest struggling readers and that reflect the diversity of students in our classrooms.

Flexible Seating for Dual Immersion Classrooms (Holly Olvera) — $4,000
To provide flexible seating in five different dual-immersion secondary classrooms, allowing students to collaborate, problem solve or work independently in a variety of arrangements.

10,000 Per Week Goal for Physical Education Classes (Laura Carpenter) — $4,055
To purchase heart-rate step monitors to encourage student physical activity by having students take at least 10,000 steps each week.

Corvallis High School

CHS Connect Class (Matt McDonough) — $2,100
To support the CHS Connect class that focuses on social and emotional learning by creating a safe, comfortable space for students seeking stronger ties to their school as a support for graduation.

College Hill High School

Building and Tending Tools: Folk Skills at Harding Center (Ashley Merback) — $5,000
To provide tools to College Hill students for learning traditional folk-building skills.

Corvallis Construction Program Materials (Kevin Skillings) — $5,000
To purchase consumable supplies for a new two-year program in which students will learn construction skills and use them to design and build micro shelters to be donated to Unity Shelter to provide housing to people navigating homelessness.

Corvallis Construction Program Tools (Kevin Skillings) — $5,000
To purchase tools for the new College Hill construction program.

Crescent Valley High School 

WINGS Student Run Business (Angela Faulk) — $880
To develop three student-run businesses—soap-making, jewelry-making, and car detailing—as part of the WINGS Transition Program serving students ages 18-21 who have graduated high school with a modified diploma.