Kindergarten Academy – $20,500
This three-week experience in the kindergarten classroom will increase students’ confidence and social and emotional skills before the start of the school year.

Summer Skill Boost – $2,208
This camp at Wilson Elementary offers a chance for twenty students to bolster math and literacy skills for three weeks over the summer.

Middle School

Math Camp – $12,512
Nearly 100 incoming sixth graders will have an opportunity to boost their math skills — and get comfortable in middle school — through this two-week camp.

Women of the Woods: Woodshop Palooza – $5,396
Sixty sixth grade girls will experience woodshop at their future high schools, gaining confidence with power tools and hands-on applications of science, technology, engineering, and math.

High School

AVID Summer Camp – $5,573
This three-day experience helps incoming 9th graders admitted to the AVID elective with the transition to high school.

Corvallis High School English Acceleration — $1,826
A three-week program for 10th through 12th graders who are deficient in English credit. Students are required to complete four credits of English in order to graduate with a regular diploma. Geared toward emerging bilingual students, this class will allow students to earn .5 credit of English and get one step closer to graduation.

Corvallis High School English Credit Recovery – $1,930
This four-week intensive course is for students who failed a semester of language arts. We acknowledge that online English courses do not adequately replace the experience of taking a course in a classroom with a teacher. An crucial component to increasing graduation rates, this course allows students to complete reading and writing tasks meant to build skills and supplement work they completed over the course of the year.

Crescent Valley High School Essential Skills Camp for Writing and Math – $1,810
Essential Skills Camp is a three-day opportunity for incoming seniors who need to demonstrate proficiency in Math or English. If students are successful with this experience, they will not be enrolled in an intervention class during their senior year.

Crescent Valley High School Passing Camp in English – $1,630
This five-week class is designed for freshmen and sophomore students who need additional time to demonstrate proficiency in meeting the standards for coursework in Introduction to Literature and International Literature.

High School Credit Recovery – $8,000
This program is designed to help students catch up on credits they missed during the school year. Courses are offered in an online format at Corvallis High School, with support from educational assistants.

Total: $63,385