Total Allocation: $84,000 for 29 Grants

All Schools

District-Wide Art Exhibit (Christa Schmeder)β€”$5,000
A formal art exhibition showcasing all Corvallis School District students to be displayed for the entire community.

Multiple-School Grants

Conexiones (Karrie Woodruff)β€”$2,600
Community dinner events for Mam-speaking Guatemalan and other Central American students and families from Garfield, Linus Pauling, Corvallis High, and College Hill High to understand their cultural, language, and educational needs.

El secreto de La Bamba: A Dance of Racial Education Equity (Maria Ortiz)β€”$4,248
Lincoln and Corvallis High students learn about racial and educational equity through performance of a dance to the song La Bamba.

Corvallis High School & Crescent Valley High SchoolΒ 

Ukes and Guitars! (Jens Lovtang)β€”$2,600
Ukuleles, guitars, and associated accessories to expand offerings in high school choir classes.

Garfield & Lincoln

Aves Compartidas Environmental Education Program (Angela Mendoza)β€”$5,000
Connecting students in Mexico and Corvallis through shared migratory-bird education using lessons, art, letter exchange, and a field trip.


Alligators Play the Keys (Curtis Petersen)β€”$4,000
Electric keyboards to allow all students to learn to play the piano and read music.

Bessie ColemanΒ 

Daily Mile Club-Fitness Trackers (Kim Perdue)β€”$1,575
Fitness trackers and running-club t-shirts for fifth-grade students.

Wide Mouth Frog Theater Play (Renee Pipitone)β€”$650
Costumes for in-class theater production to enhance science unit.


Kinder Fun in the Rain (Yahaira Meza)β€”$4,830
Rain gear for kindergarten students.

Ozobots (Emma Poff )β€”$2,990
Ozobot coding robots for STEAM-based learning.

Kathryn Jones Harrison

Sensory Play Area (Alyssa Pupping)β€”$5,000
Outdoor sensory-play area for students with special needs.

Lego Education and STEAM (Kelli Abbott)β€”$4,424
LEGO education kits for hands-on learning and collaborative skills.

Revitalizing our School Garden (Cynthia Wofford)β€”$4,000
Rehabilitation of the school garden.

Outdoor Sensory Path (Keli Abbott)β€”$1,300

Outdoor sensory path on school blacktop to help students develop self-regulation skills.

Just Dance! (Dow Yeh)β€”$590
Encouraging collaboration among Life Skills and general student population with alternative recess activities using dance video games.

Second Graders Love Science – Eugene Science Center (Christy Schloss)β€”$400
Field trip to Eugene Science Center for all second graders.Β 

Letitia Carson

Letitia’s Garden Club (Kara Olsen)β€”$4,000
After-school gardening program for kindergarten through fifth grade in Letitia’s Garden, infusing art, wellness, equity, science, opportunity, movement, and an earth-sustaining focus.


End-of-School Multicultural Festival for Lincoln Elementary (Claudia Enciso Kuraica)β€”$2,816
Celebration through the arts of the cultural richness and diversity of students; a pilot project for the District.

Mountain View

Portable Camp Stools (Danielle Black)β€”$279
Materials for second and fifth grade buddies to build portable camp stools for students to use outdoors promoting real-world learning and an appreciation of nature.


Jackson Frazier Wetland Ecosystem Project (Alexis McQuillan)β€”$2,577
Rain gear, supplies, and speaker fee for sixth graders to use Jackson Frazier Wetland as an educational setting for learning about ecosystems, doing cultural research, learning about indigenous populations, and contributing to county-wide community planting of camas bulbs.

PRIDE (Nathan Morales)β€”$1,500
Supporting LGBTQ+ students, engaging speakers and creating Pride events.

Aquaculture Setup (Jeremy Adams)β€”$1,746
Project-based learning class on Sustainability, Aquaculture, and Horticulture as a means of feeding populations and reducing environmental impacts.

Instrument Inventory (David Blake)β€”$4,930
Saxophones and mouthpieces for students to promote equity in instrument availability.

Corvallis High School

Wearables Hackathon (Randy Macdonald)β€”$5,000
Supplies for Computer Science Class and Robotics Club students to collaborate on creation of electronic wearables.

AVID College and Career Field Trip (Alexandria Luftig)β€”$2,500
Field trip to Portland for AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) students to visit Portland colleges and OMSI.

Providing Saxophones to Promote Music Equity (Lia Poole)β€”$5,000
Saxophones to increase band accessibility to all students.

Crescent Valley High School

The More Marine Science the Merrier! (Eva Riedlecker-Wolfe)β€”$1,020
Field trip to Marine Hatfield Science Center.

Land Acknowledgement Mural Celebration (Julia Blue Arm)β€”$1,000
Celebration of 2022 YEA! Grant-funded land-acknowledgement mural.

Orchestra String and Bow Repair (Sarah Perkins)β€”$4,510
String instrument repair supplies.