Total 2019/20 allocation: $51,586 for 20 grants.

All Schools

Down with the Dude Wall! (Dow Yeh) – $560
To provide 40 posters for every school that showcase a diverse set of composers representing musical contributions made by women and people of color.

Multiple Elementary Schools

Outdoor Learning Opportunities (Bailey Payne) – $5,000
In partnership with the Corvallis Environmental Center, to bring environmental literacy programming to students in grades three through five. Students will learn about local produce and sustainable agriculture through hands-on cooking opportunities and farm field trips.

Garfield Elementary

Amp up! Obstacle course (Veronica Lepe-Gonzalez) – $5,000
To purchase equipment for a versatile obstacle course that will engage students in challenging and fun physical activities, promoting motor skills, cardiovascular endurance, and a lifetime of physical activity.

Husky Elementary

1:1 Ukuleles (Jaclyn Moses) – $500
To purchase a set of thirty ukuleles to support fourth and fifth grade music education and a twice weekly “Uke Club.”

Lincoln Elementary

Global Dance Festival (Naomi Bristow) – $2,000
To provide supplies and materials for a multicultural dance program incorporating Baile Folkloric (Mexico), Hip Hop (USA), Rumbanana (Cuba), and Celtic dance (Ireland).

Lincoln and Garfield Elementary Schools

Willamette-Laja Youth Migratory Bird Program (Mayra Juarez-Hernandez) – $4,000
To support a cultural and scientific exchange program between students, teachers, and conservation organizations in the Willamette Valley and Rio Laja Watershed in Guanajuato, Mexico. With support from high school volunteers and the Institute for Applied Ecology, this bi-national partnership focuses on shared migratory species.

Jaguar Elementary

Graphic novels (Kristin Erickson) – $1,000
To acquire a variety of fiction and nonfiction graphic novels designed to expand literacy options and engage struggling readers and emerging bilingual students.

Wildcat Elementary

Wildcat Runners (Eric Beasley) – $1,000
To revitalize a running club aimed at having fun, building social connections, and supporting school-wide health and wellness.

2nds & Seniors (Janelle Moss) – $290
To support an experiential, service-learning program pairing second graders with residents at the Regent Retirement Community. 2nds & Seniors fosters intergenerational relationships, respect, and empathy, and culminates with a garden party in June.

Cheldelin Middle School

Arduinos, Rocketry and Solar Panel Cars Project (Katelyn Burwell) – $2,000
To enrich science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education through a variety of hands-on learning opportunities surrounding circuitry, coding, and design. Students will explore contemporary applications such as space exploration, climate change, and alternative energy options.

Cheldelin Middle School Stage Light and Sound Upgrade (Elizabeth Wieland) – $3,000
To support the growing Theater Arts program at Cheldelin Middle School. Currently the program serves more than 250 students and promotes skills in a variety of areas, including improvisation, public speaking, acting, and set development. Updated lighting and sound systems will allow students to fully benefit from this opportunity.

Linus Pauling Middle School

Juntos (Angela Mendoza) – $3,500
To provide culturally relevant workshops designed to equip eighth through twelfth grade Latinx students and their parents with knowledge, skills and resources to continue their education after graduating from high school.

Linus Pauling Fitness Room (Catherine Corkery) – $5,000
To transform unused space into a fitness room dedicated to physical education for students during school hours and staff wellness activities after hours.

Linus Pauling Middle School STEM Enhancements (Amanda McBride) – $2,000
To enhance science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) classes by acquiring additional safety equipment and LittleBits Workshop Sets for electronics and circuitry instruction.

Cheldelin and Linus Pauling Middle Schools

WOW – Women of the Woods (McBride/Burwell) – $6,200
To offer a one-week after-school experience for sixth graders who are interested in learning about the process of woodworking, from the beginning idea to the finishing touch. While everyone is welcome, this class is intended to nurture girls’ interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) opportunities.

Corvallis High School

Libros Para CHS (Claudia Argo) – $2,240.80
To facilitate biliteracy by expanding the Spanish library book collection for students in the dual language immersion program. This grant will give students more reading options by increasing the number of grade-level Spanish books in the library.

Peace Literacy (Kathy Zimbrick, Cathy Wright, KC Perley) – $1,500
To provide high school seniors with the knowledge and skills to navigate real-world conflict. Students will learn how to more fully develop their human capacity for empathy, conscience, reason and realistic hope.

College Hill Program

College Hill Choir (Bethany Peterson) – $1,300
To launch a choir class and build a music library. This will be the first music class offered at College Hill, and will provide an alternative to typical classroom learning while building teamwork and healthy relationships.

Standing Desks Promote Alert Students (Susan Petty) – $4,800
To equip College Hill with 16 standing desks to increase the focus, attention and engagement of students during classroom activities.

Crescent Valley High School

Field Gear for All (Eva Riedlecker-Wolfe) – $695
To equip students of Environmental Science with rain boots and rain jackets so that they are prepared to participate in engaging, hands-on, outdoor field research and field trips throughout the year.