Total 2018/19 allocation: $63,000 for 21 grants.


Welcome Center Multicultural Mural (Marcianne Koetje) Р$3,000
To provide supplies for the Corvallis School District’s Welcome Center Multicultural Mural.

Garfield, Lincoln, Linus Pauling, and Corvallis High School

Libros Para Todos  (Dana Zachary) Р$11,000
To enhance the Spanish library book collection in the four dual-language immersion schools by sending a district librarian to the Guadalajara International Book Fair. This book fair offers an opportunity to access materials in Spanish that are not available for libraries to purchase in any other way.


STEAM Learning Р3D Printing and Scanning Makerspace (John Trimble) Р$4,500
To provide a mobile 3D printer and scanner for a STEAM Learning Makerspace.


Bells for Reading (Kathryn Kinney) Р$3,007
To purchase playing bell sets for ostinato patterns that support the growth of student’s facility utilizing left and right sides of the brain and strengthen reading skills.

Aquarium Field Trip (Elvira Huidor-Dever) Р$1,076
To provide funds for admission and fees for 3rd grade field trip to Oregon Coast Aquarium, which many students haven’t visited. This hands-on experience will support environmental science study.

Theater of the World (Karrie Woodruff) Р$3,000
To provide for instruction, food and supplies supporting 5th grade bilingual Theater of the World program.


World Peace Game (Alison Latham-Ocampo) Р$5,000
To support travel, training and supplies needed for World Peace Game program, in which students represent different countries and work toward solving international disputes and crises.

Connecting to Literature with Art and Theater (Isabel Garcia Canovas) Р$916
To support engaging a teaching artist for the Spanish language Living Wax Museum project, where students read books about characters who overcome challenges and then write and act in related plays.

Mountain View

Classroom Food Adventures (Shayna Hicks) Р$3,400
To provide funds for instruction and supplies supporting cooking and nutrition instruction at school with high percentage of free or reduced lunch recipients.

Poultry Project (Danielle Black) – $3,250
To purchase equipment, supplies and materials to build a school chicken coop, where the students work together to raise and care for chickens, as well as create a business to sell eggs.


Seconds and Seniors РCommunity Service Learning (Janelle Moss) Р$500
To provide funds for travel and supplies in support of community service program pairing 2nd graders with senior citizens at Regent senior living facility.


CHArt Screenprinting¬† (Trey Hagen) ‚Äď $4,000
To expand screen printing equipment for art classes to allow students to create a student-run business.

Full STEAM Ahead!¬† (Katlyn ‚ÄúKB‚ÄĚ Burwell) – $3,400
To purchase a 3D printer, materials and equipment for STEAM program.

CharacterStrong Advisor Curriculum and Training¬† (Roxie Huffaker) ‚Äď $2,007
To provide CharacterStrong curriculum and training for counselor and advisor coordinator to help students thrive socially and academically.

Linus Pauling

CharacterStrong’s Role in PRIDE Advisory¬† (Jody Chilvers) –¬† $2,007
To provide social-emotional skills and character development education training for 2 counselors to help students thrive socially and academically.

STE(A)M Program Enhancements  (Amanda McBride) Р$1,450
To purchase Sphero charging case and Ozobot EVO kits to engage students in STEAM learning, robots and coding.

College Hill

Yoga and Mindfulness¬† (Heather Davis) ‚Äď $2,612
To purchase yoga mats,  mic, & wireless sound system to allow students and staff to practice mindfulness and gain physical, psychological and social benefits.

The Environmental Costs of Skin Care  (Cherie Taylor) Р$725
To purchase supplies and materials for Horticulture, Construction Math, & Urban Farms classes so students can learn experientially about the connections between health, the environment and the products we use.

Corvallis High School

AVID ‚Äď Advancement Via Individual Determination¬†¬†(Paul Navarra) ‚Äď $2,850
To provide College & Career Visits for AVID students so they can see the possibilities for themselves beyond high school.

Everyone Bikes  Workshop  (Julie Williams)  Р$2,500
To purchase materials and tools to support the community bike donation round-up which helps students promote sustainability, learn bike maintenance skills and give back to the community.

Spin Bikes for All  (Cindy Appanaitis) Р$2,800
To purchase spin bikes for students and staff to promote healthy mind-body balance and overall wellness.