Total 2017/18 Allocation: $46,833 for 37 grants.

All Elementary

U-can-all U-ku-le-le! (Dow Yeh) – $1,200 – To purchase 30 ukuleles to equalize opportunities to play ukulele for all Corvallis elementary school students.


Medicine Balls: Kid-Friendly Weightlifting (Gerhard Behrens) – $960 – To purchase weighted balls that can be thrown, passed to a partner, hoisted, rolled, pushed, or used for balance practice.


Bringing Maria Montessori to Liberate and Connect Knowledge for All Children (Shannon Gabriel) – $728 – To purchase Montessori math, science, and geography materials to help students make comparisons, judgements, and decisions.

Math Growth Club (Christy Toliver) – $800 – To start a bilingual after-school math club two days a week for students in grades 3 to 5. The club will focus on students at all math levels.

Green Gecko Sustainable Power (Joel Inman)Β  – $1,400 – To purchase an Upcycle Ecocharger stationary bicycle powered generator, a solar cell kit, and four power meters. This equipment will allow the Green Gecko Club to explore sustainable power generation and energy conservation.

Lucha Libros (Ted McCann) – $1,768 – Lucha Libros is a Spanish reading program modeled after Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB). It encourages and recognizes students who enjoy reading, broadening interests, increasing comprehension, and promoting teamwork among students. Students will read books in Spanish, form teams, and compete in Spanish against other teams in a quiz show format.


LEGOS Build Brains (Jill Clarno) – $860 – LEGO Bricks4Kids workshops will provide opportunities for collaborative student work and hands-on exploration of scientific topics such as structure and function, cause and effect, and stability and change.


Expanding Written Expression for K-5th (Angela Hannigan) – $364 – To employ a multisensory approach to written expression called the Expanding Expression Toolkit. This tool can be used with students all skill levels from basic descriptions to autobiographies, summarizing, and more.


Rainy Day Kinder Garden Accessibility Kit (Kara Becerra-Olsen) – $512 – To purchase rain jackets and rain boots so that kindergartners can enjoy the school garden year-round and return to class warm and dry.

Oregon Coast Aquarium Field Trip (Samantha Arnst) – $807 – To cover cost of admission, chaperones, and transportation to the Oregon Coast Aquarium for all 3rd graders at Lincoln. This field trip will allow students to see animals and study their adaptations, reinforcing curriculum about frogs, toads, and animal adaptations.

Soy Porque Somos Cultural Autobiography Project (Julie Wilborn) – $1,710 – To enable fourth graders to create self portraits and cultural autobiographies in collaboration with older dual immersion students at Linus Pauling Middle School and Corvallis High School. Final products will be compiled into a poster and a book and shared across schools.

Mountain View

Art Program (Lisa Haag) – $500 – To purchase materials (an art drying rack, and 10-pack, 24-color Prismacolor Scholar pencils) for art instruction at Mountain View Elementary.

Tower Garden (Danielle Black) – $1,311 – To purchase a vertical garden kit so that fourth grade students can create and maintain a year-round garden within the classroom and to observe plant growth on a daily basis.


Small but Mighty: Wilson 2nd Grade Community Service Learning Project (Janelle Moss) – $502 – To build meaningful relationships with senior members of the community and promote community-building by having second graders engage in a service learning project with the residents of the Regent Retirement Community.

Classroom Food Adventures (Hilary Lindsey) – $1,000 – To work with the Corvallis Environmental Center (CEC) to provide monthly, hands-on cooking and nutrition lessons in all classrooms. Students will learn to prepare and eat local fruits and vegetables in accordance with the Harvest of the Month featured in the cafeteria.


Surviving our trip home to Earth (Jeremy Adams) – $400 – In this science and engineering project, students will attempt to create the most effective ablative heat shield to protect their astronaut (an egg) from reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

STEM 3D Printing Client Project (Katelyn Burwell) – $1,200 – To enable groups of students to select a client and act as design engineers for a 3D printing project. Students must be innovative, align needs with parameters, and produce a physical product.

AVID Program Funding (Roxie Huffaker) – $1,300 – To support the expansion of AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) classes and strategies and enrich the student experience by funding field trips to college campuses.

Cheldelin Middle School Theater Program (Elizabeth Wieland) – $1,600 – To launch a showcase performance with students in the new elective theater courses.

Cheldelin and Linus Pauling

Visual Arts drying racks (Dana Monroe) – $279 – To obtain two drying racks for our middle schools and thus enable two-dimensional works to be dried properly.

Linus Pauling

Welcome in many languages (Claudia Hall) – $168 – To create a welcoming and inclusive art installation in the front foyer. Students will paint “welcome” in the many languages represented by students attending the school.

Art & Science: Human Skeletons (Coulter Rose) – $340 – To purchase three human skeleton replicas for art and science projects involving the human form and studies of the structure and function of animal organ systems.

Active Classroom (Holly Deffenbacher) – $400 – To offer flexible seating options, sensory items, and fidgets for life skills students to aid participation and learning.

3D Printing and Design (Amanda McBride) – $1,200 – To expose students to new technology for 3D printing and design and enable them to create their own designs in class. These tools and skills open doors to additive manufacturing career pathways.

Art for All (Holly Olvera) – $1,628 – To provide exposure to fine arts for students in the dual immersion program. Students will experience theater performances and art exhibits at museums as well as engaging in hands-on art projects.

Enriching AVID Cohorts (Alicia Ward-Satey) – $1,700 – To support the expansion of AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) classes and strategies and enrich the student experience by funding field trips to college campuses.

UROV Challenge (Derek Michalski) – $4,960 – Working in groups of four, students will design and build underwater remotely operated vehicles. Once successful, students will modify their UROV to perform a simulated real-world tasks, such as data collection, search and rescue, environmental clean-up, or disaster response. This project will serve as a platform for students to build and practice STEM skills.

College Hill

Environmental Science Probeware (Kate Beran) – $1,000 – To expand opportunities for students to use technology to gather data related to real-world situations. For example, probeware will enable students to explore the power of wind as a land-shaping force and source of renewable energy, to test pH, and to experiment with ionic solutions and the diffusion of ions through a membrane.

Partners in Filmmaking (Anne Marie Foltz) – $2,000 – To equip students at College Hill to mentor Adams Elementary School students in the creation of digital stories. High school students will coach fourth graders on what a digital story is, how to write and edit a narrative, and how to use the online movie-making program to complete their projects. The project will culminate with a mini-film festival for Adams students and their families.

Corvallis High School

Marimba (Lia Poole) – $4,263 – To enable Corvallis High School to acquire a full-sized, five-octave, rosewood marimba for use by band, theater, and choir students.

AVID (Paul Navarra) – $2,000 – To support the expansion of AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) classes and strategies and enrich the student experience by funding field trips to college campuses.

Crescent Valley High School

Brainpop in Spanish (Sherry Dickerson) – $170 – To enrich Spanish classes by purchasing a subscription to an online platform that has a variety of videos, activities, and interactive games.

Spanish Readers for Free and Voluntary Reading Program (Dana Loso) – $280 – To build classroom libraries in the Spanish department to include books for students of Advanced Placement Spanish.

Technical Glass Arts Tools (Keith Moses) – $720 – To enhance the glass arts program by providing safe and efficient torches for cutting glass in the classroom.

AVID (Sarah Blount) – $1,000 – To support the expansion of AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) classes and strategies and enrich the student experience by funding field trips to college campuses.

Engineering Expansion (Greg Nicol) – $4675 – To purchase tools for the engineering department that will enable students to bend and form metal, gaining real world experience and creating meaningful projects.

College Hill, Corvallis High School, and Crescent Valley

Students for Equity (Paul Navarra) – $1,000 – This project will bring together students and staff advisors from all three high schools for courageous conversations about race. By empowering student voice, Students for Equity aims to create a culturally responsive school environment and interrupt institutional barriers that detract from learning.