Total 2016/17 allocation: $24,250 for 34 grants.


Restorative Practices Training (Cody Hansen) – $440 – To prepare staff to help repair relationships and address concerns that are not addressed through school-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports.

Lego STEM! (Joseph Williams) – $820 – To purchase twelve Lego WeDo robotics kits in order to enhance science, technology, engineering, and math activities in the classroom.

Corvallis High School

Mathematical Online Enrichment (Susan Diaz) – $460 – To give students access to the full features of online flashcards. This gives students practice with the extensive vocabulary of geometry and potential of online applications.

Ozobot Mini Robots for Cheldelin STEM Classes (Zoe Mourey) – $1,000 – To address two needs: 1) To teach robotics to 6th graders (whom the teacher only sees for 29 school days), and 2) To better meet the needs of the special populations (emerging multi-lingual learners, individual education plan students, and talented and gifted) in STEM elective classes.

Learn to Code with Raspberry Pi (Paul Navarra) – $960 – To improve how students learn to code. The kit is an engaging tool that will increase students’ interest in technology and creative problem solving. It will also provide a new and innovative way to learn computer programming.

Long Term Monitoring of Dixon Creek Ecosystem Health and Corvallis High School Bioswale Effectiveness (Deidra Spencer) – $1,000 – To support CHS environmental science students as they investigate the effects of pollution on freshwater systems and engineer solutions to mitigate impacts. Funds will support three main student activities: 1) long-term monitoring of a local freshwater stream, 2) comparing current conditions and the impact of common fertilizers on the riparian soil microbiome, and 3) engineering a design solution to mitigate human impacts on freshwater ecosystems.

Breakfast Club (Colleen Works) – $750 – To continue offering an alternative morning program for CHS students of all grade levels who need additional support due to academic, emotional, or family stress. Breakfast Club allows for a positive start to the school day.

Juntos (Paul Navarra) – $1,000 – To provide support for the Juntos program, which aims to help Latino families navigate the college application process.

College Hill

Engineering Curriculum and Technology (Jefferson Peak) – $1,000 – To purchase a 3D Printer and related materials to better connect  students with STEM curriculum and career pathways.

Teen Job Fair (Donna Keim) – $750 – To prepare students for job interviews and  improve skills and techniques to be a good employee.

Knitting (Cathy Wright) – $500 – To provide supplies (yarn and a variety of knitting needles) to students enrolled in the College Hill Knitting class.

Urban Farm Market Stand (Cherie Taylor) – $2,000 – To provide equipment and materials to build a market stand for students in College Hill’s new Urban Farm program.

Crescent Valley High School

ZTemp Switches For 3D Printers (Adam Kirsch) – $477 – To obtain five Z-Temp switches which will allow printers to utilize a variety of filaments from various manufacturers.

Fieldtrip: Foreign Language & International Studies Day at the University of Oregon (Dana Loso) – $180 – To equalize access by covering registration and transportation costs for students to attend the Foreign Language & International Studies Day at the University of Oregon.

Crescent Valley Applied Tech Revitalization (Greg Nicol) – $452 – To supply tools for the woodworking program at Crescent Valley High School while simultaneously providing the metal shop program with a project for their students (reverse engineering a high-end carbide lathe tool).


Nature Stewardship program (Melinda Winograd) – $512 – To allow Kindergarten students, in collaboration with middle school mentors, to explore natural science in our outdoor classroom (The Nature Stewardship Program).

Guitars for Franklin (Dow Yeh) – $600 – To acquire several guitars for the middle school music program at Franklin.


Motivating Reluctant Readers of Spanish (Nancy Davila-Williams) – $500 – To provide a variety of reading options for students to be able to further their comprehension and fluency skills in Spanish.

Improving equitable access to literacy with Spanish-language Books (Patty Foulkes) – $500 – To improve the quality of Spanish-language educational materials available to children, and to ensure an equal number and diversity of books in both English and Spanish. These materials will demonstrate to students an implicit commitment to equity and empower them to learn.

Mindfulness Training (Elvira Huidor-Dever) – $625 – To access coursework on the subject of mindfulness with the intent to implement mindfulness practice in the classroom.

Classroom Food Adventures (Alleya Jack) – $1,000 – To work with the Corvallis Environmental Center (CEC) to offer a year-long cooking program to all grade levels. In each classroom at Garfield, the CEC will offer a monthly Classroom Food Adventure. These hands-on cooking and nutrition classes will teach students to prepare and eat foods that feature fruits and vegetables.

Book Bucks – Libros por Lana (Ted McCann) – $200 – To increase the number of Spanish books available to children at Garfield. Book Bucks – Lana por Libros is a reading incentive program that is designed to motivate students to read more.

Build the Classroom Library (Jennifer McConnell) – $500 – To expand the selection of current books that will engage students in reading and excite them to be lifelong readers. In particular, this project focuses on books that are culturally sensitive and books that interest boys in preadolescence (5th grade students at Garfield), such as graphic novels.

The Dual Immersion Library in a Self-Contained Classroom: Rich Resources in Two Languages (Kimberly Meyers) – $500 – To fund the purchase of these song, poetry, and wordless picture books in order to build a more robust class library in a self-contained Dual Immersion classroom.

Improving access to STEM for girls through LEGO (Kathleen Oleson) – $494 – To purchase LEGO sets that are specifically created to appeal to girls as well as that promote STEM careers to girls. Materials are for two bilingual classes.


LEGO Bricks Project (Mary Benson) – $1,000 – To develop relevant activities that ignite a learner’s passion and imagination, and teach social skills with a kid’s favorite…LEGO bricks.

Long Term Aquatic Biology and Water Quality Monitoring of Dixon Creek (Michael Baker) – $747 – To complete acquisition of science probeware and chemistry sampling kits that can be used with class iPads to monitor several variables that students have identified as important in their scientific inquiry of Dixon Creek, a stream that connects the Hoover neighborhood together and flows by Jefferson and Franklin schools on its journey through Corvallis.

Mindful Schools (Matthew Criscione)  – $675 – To develop skills regarding mindfulness practice, and learn more techniques that can be shared with students.


3rd Grade Aquarium Experience: Providing Real Life Connections to Learning (Samantha Arnst) – $821 – To take 3rd grade students to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in April. This field trip will allow for students to see animals and study their adaptations, which directly ties to Engage New York Literacy Module about Frogs, Toads, and Animal Adaptations.

Linus Pauling

Electrical Circuit Discovery Stations (Derek Michalski) – $740 – To build twenty discovery stations that will enable students to safely explore electricity as they learn to manipulate the flow of electrons to turn on bulbs and sound buzzers. Students will create series and parallel circuits, measure voltage, investigate conductors and insulators, and uncover the relationship between amperage and resistance.


5th Grade Bike Education (Gigi Sims) – $1,000 – To support the Corvallis SD Bike Education (BE) Program. The BE Program is a 10-hour, skill based class reaching all students (emerging multi-lingual learners and Special Education). Students learn proper helmet and bike fit as well as practice safe bicycling skills. This experiential learning includes classroom and on-bike instruction.

Mountain View

Mt. View Art Program (Lisa Haag) – $500 – To obtain art supplies that allow students to have more frequent and varied painting experiences through the year (and beyond).

First Grade Hands-on Science (Tara Stroup) – $797 – To provide a hands-on science exploration tied to First Grade Next Generation Science Standards in the learning lab at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.


Classroom Food Adventures (Hilary Lindsey) – $1,000 – To work with the Corvallis Environmental Center (CEC) to offer a year-long cooking program in classrooms at Wilson. The CEC’s Classroom Food Adventure program will provide a monthly hands-on cooking and nutrition class that will teach students to prepare and eat foods that feature fruits and vegetables.