Total 2015/16 Allocation: $21,600 for 26 grants.

Science Probeware for Problem Solving and Data Collection (Kate Beran) – $1,000 – To introduce Cheldelin students to investigations of heat and temperature using probeware technology. Sensors enable students to ask fun, engaging, and sophisticated science questions.

Non-Fiction Spanish Books (Claudia Argo) – $1,000 – To expand the availability of high-quality, non-fiction reading material for dual language students at Linus Pauling.

Drums are Essential (Rachel Beyer) – $1,000 – To broaden the array of instruments and enhance music education at Mountain View Elementary by purchasing drums.

Geometers’ Sketchpad Licenses (Anne Ulstad) – $750 – To continue to provide a well-loved, creative, and innovative math resource for students at Cheldelin.

Hot Air Balloon Project (Alicia Ward-Satey) — $810 – To challenge students at Linus Pauling to build a model hot air balloon from ordinary household tissue paper. This activity encourages explorations of density, buoyancy, thermal expansion, and convection cycles.

Destination Imagination at Lincoln (Armida Guerrero) — $340 – To implement an enrichment program that guides students in collaborative problem solving while fostering leadership, teamwork, and innovation.

Women in the Trades Fair (Donna Keim) — $560 – To take high school girls to a trade fair organized and staffed by women in the skilled trades. Includes hands-on demonstrations and practical information about careers.

Summer Employment Fair (Donna Keim) — $750 – To support high school students in acquiring summer employment by connecting them with potential employers at a Linn Benton Community College employment fair. Students gain experience with resume writing, job applications, and interviews.

Balance Bicycle (Mo Ruzek) — $125 – To expand possibilities for students in the Life Skills Program at Jefferson by providing a “balance bicycle” that helps the new rider learn to balance on two wheels.

Roots Theater/Teatro Raices (Karrie Woodruff) — $1,200 – To expose all fifth graders at Garfield to the performing arts through a bilingual theater program. Students develop experience on stage, confidence, and self-expression in English and Spanish.

College Hill Writing Intervention (Anne Marie Foltz) — $1,600 – To support students in passing the Essential Skills Writing Proficiency benchmark through acquisition of a Smart LightRaise Projector. The projector facilitates group instruction on grammar, composition and revision.

Helping Students Learn to Use Graphing Calculators (Heather Zimmers) — $468 – To encourage mastery of common core mathematics standards by teaching Crescent Valley students how to use graphing calculators through step-by-step demonstrations.

Embedded English Language Development: Bringing Classroom Teachers Onboard! (Val Boggs) — $900 – To provide professional development for Garfield teachers using The More Than Just Surviving Handbook: ELL for Every Classroom Teacher.

Mindfulness Practice: A Curriculum for Teaching Mindfulness to Students (Kathy Alexander) — $675 – To bring mindfulness training to youth to build attention, self-regulation, and empathy. Mindfulness can build social, emotional, and academic competencies while reducing stress.

Mary’s Peak Field Trip (Joel Kropf) — $500 – To take students from Linus Pauling and Cheldelin to the tallest mountain in the Oregon Coast Range to observe and explore its flora, fauna, geology, climate, and Kalapuyan tribal history.

Salmon Art Project (Claudia Hall) — $1,000 – To immerse sixth graders at Linus Pauling in a week-long project that combines science, history, culture and art. Students study the significance of salmon to healthy environments, paint salmon on canvas, and build an outdoor art installation.

Ukulele You Can! (Jaclyn Moses) — $997 – To enrich ukulele music instruction at Lincoln by providing students with beginner books, CDs, and tuners. Students build hand-eye coordination, aural practice, notation skills, and musical engagement.

World Peace Gameboard (Carla Olson) — $495 – To engage Linus Pauling students in a hands-on geopolitical simulation that highlights the interconnectedness of the global community. Students solve problems, collaborate, and overcome economic, social and environmental crises and the threat of war.

Student as Philosopher-Scientist (Eric Wright) — $1,000 – To empower teachers at College Hill through a half-day training by Mark Tschaepe on encouraging students to explore difficult situations and become philosopher-scientists in their approach to learning.

Aquaculture Living Machine (Cherie Taylor) — $678 – To create an aquaponics garden at College Hill for the study of ecology, agriculture and nutrition. Students learn about water quality, sustainability, crop production, food webs and food chains.

Total Kindergarten Engagement (Shannon Logins) — $878 – To enable Mountain View teachers to attend “Practical Strategies for Helping Your Kindergartners Achieve Your State Standards,” a professional development conference in Portland.

ELL On-Track-To-Graduate Field Trip (Mary Skillings) — $1,000 – To provide an excursion for English Language Learners at Corvallis High to the Evergreen Aviation Museum as a celebration of success in May.

Corvallis High School Breakfast Club (Colleen Works) — $1,000 – To offer a safe, positive space for students to begin their school day with a nutrition breakfast and support from counseling staff. The program is designed to improve student engagement and build supportive relationships.

Listen and Learn Literacy (Gayle Colón) — $500 – To expand the benefits of iPad technology by providing headphones for use in individualized dual language literacy instruction at Garfield.

College Hill Digital Storytelling Project (Cathy Wright) — $1,249 – To empower students to tell personal stories about overcoming adversity and building community through writing, video editing, and fundraiser planning.

Tuning into iPads (Margie McShane) — $585 – To expand the benefits of iPad technology by providing headphones for use in individualized literacy instruction at Adams.