CPSF awarded 14 grants totalling $10,757.

Wilson Elementary 2015 Calendar Project (Barb Meyers) – $360

To support project based 5th grade learning.  All students will make a calendar with thirteen original art pieces, most utilizing a watercolor medium. Curriculum includes learning about elements of art, reading, and understanding calendars.

WINGS Program Fused Glass Art Project (Julie Hardenburger) – $362

To supply materials and safety equipment for post-school transition students with developmental disabilities. Project will include all students in the design and creation of ornaments and jewelry helping students learn to follow simple directions, practice eye hand coordination, and create functional art.

Crescent Valley High Girls Only Arduino Project (Jan Boley) – $1,000

To create opportunities for girls to work on projects using open-source electronics platform. The projects are group generated and created in a cooperative group environment. STEAM outcomes include development of creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Explorations in eLearning (Marc Rosegold) – $1,000

To build capacity in Corvallis secondary schools to incorporate technology in the classroom. This grant will support attendance to the Florida Educational Technology Conference for the leader of a 509J teacher cohort.

All Students Perform! (Dow Yeh, on behalf of all elementary music teachers) – $1,000

To leverage other resources in the purchase of portable and durable risers for student choral performances. To be shared among all 509J elementary choir programs.

Corvallis High Spartan Tutoring (Jane Kiekel) – $1,000

To offer supervised after school support for students to achieve passing grades. Through the use of attendance incentives and additional tutoring, this program will help students learn study skills and will recognize their work with a celebration at the end of each semester.

College Hill High Project Lead the Way (Jefferson Peak) – $1,000

To engage students in project based engineering coursework. This program includes robotics, computer programming and data managing skills and also provides field trips to local engineering firms and OSU.

Garfield Elementary Classroom Book Display (Lynn Nichols) – $135

To improve student engagement with non-fiction books in a 4/5 grade split classroom.

Adams Elementary TAMHO Sister School Project (Gerhard Behrens) – $1,000

To purchase a weather station to provide instructional opportunities for 2nd and 3rd grade students and a peer to peer learning opportunity with a sister school. Students will share weather and water data with a sister school in Kenya in real time. Instructional support provided by researchers at OSU, including TAMHO (Trans-African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory) co-director, Dr. John Selker.

Mountain View Elementary Classroom Enhancement (Tiffany Sheppick) – $1,000

To provide students with an outlet for kinesthetic stimulation through modified seating options in the classroom. Enhancement includes the use of Hokki stools for student with disabilities including Autism, AD/HD, ADD, and sensory issues.

Hoover Elementary Math Buddy Time (Anna Marie Gosser) – $500

For the supplies and materials needed to build capacity of this math support program.

Garfield Elementary Discussions 4 Learning (Pamela Morrison) – $790

For a pilot program using fine art, speaking, listening, and writing designed to improve vocabulary, comprehension, and writing in a bilingual 1st grade classroom.

Garfield Elementary Technology Support for Literacy and Math (Alexia Kaye-Waggle) – $810

To leverage the use of instructional tablet technology in a 4th/5th grade split classroom. The purchase of wireless keyboards and headphones will allow students to advance at their own pace, both individually and collaboratively.

Lincoln Elementary Technology Support for Kindergarten Classroom (Irma Bañuelos) – $800

To improve student engagement and instructional time in bilingual kindergarten classroom. Grant will provide for the ceiling mounting of the classroom projector.