Class of 1958 Launches Legacy Fund

Update: The Class of 1958 has raised over $79,000 for this fund. Help us continue this momentum by making a donation today! Donate now.

The CPSF Board of Trustees wishes to congratulate the Class of 1958 for its success in launching an endowed fund to support the evolving needs of Corvallis High School students. We are inspired by the generosity, vision, and determination of these philanthropic alumni.

On May 25, after less than a year of fundraising, the Class of 1958 crossed the $20,000 threshold required for an endowed fund with CPSF. The group has since raised another $10,000 and is still going strong. We commend the Class of ’58 for its noble intentions and clear plan of action.

The Legacy Fund has three goals: providing scholarships to those pursuing further study at trade and technical schools; supporting students with special education needs and learning disabilities in the Life Skills Program; and awarding scholarships to college-bound graduates.

With the launch of this Fund, the Class of 1958 joins a select group of alumni who have coordinated with classmates to provide ongoing support for the high school through CPSF. The Class of 1954 has maintained a longstanding tradition of contributing to the CHS library in memory of classmates, and the Class of 1966 launched an endowed fund in 2017 to enable students to achieve an enriching experience while in high school.

There is a motto inscribed in the floor of the entry of Corvallis High School: “A Tradition of Excellence: Preparation for the Future.” These alumni efforts are part of that tradition of excellence. On behalf of future generations of Spartans, thank you!

Contributions to the Class of 1958 Legacy Fund are welcome. Learn more about ways to give here.

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