A New Phase of Pandemic Recovery

In a year of ongoing crisis response, you have made phenomenal work happen for kids. You responded swiftly and generously to our call to action in March 2020 to meet needs during school closures. Family outreach advocates were able to deliver fresh produce, shelf-stable foods, laundry cards, grocery gift cards, cleaning supplies, hygiene products, and school supplies to hundreds of families.

Because of you, last summer and fall we were able to expand support for internet access, tutoring, academic camps, and innovative programming like Care and Connect. And this spring, we worked in partnership with the Corvallis School District to develop a slate of summer programs that will serve over 1,000 students this July and August.

In the coming months, state and federal stimulus money will provide even more options for helping our students. We found out just last week that the Corvallis School District is likely to receive significant funding for 2021 summer academic and enrichment programs. If this new stimulus money pays for the bulk of the scheduled summer offerings, CPSF dollars may be temporarily freed up to address other needs, such as wrap-around services and support through the Welcome Center.

We are in a new phase of pandemic recovery, and the CPSF Board of Trustees remains nimble and ready to pivot. We continue to work with district leaders to develop a robust set of summer offerings. We will also strive to ensure that when possible, expenses are covered by use-it-or-lose-it government funding instead of community donations.

We remain, as always, focused on supporting students on their educational paths. We are proud of our collective accomplishments this year and look forward to the next chapter. Thank you for your partnership.