2020 Scholarship Awards

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2020 Corvallis Public Schools Foundation scholarships! We are proud to support these graduating seniors’ higher education goals and wish them all the best in their future pursuits.

  • Anna J. H. Fang Scholarship for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – $1,000 | Awarded to Olivia Wilborn-Pilotte, CHS
  • Lynn Lahey Somos el Futuro Endowed Fund – $500 | Awarded to Indigo Luna Martin-Llinas, CHS
  • Anna J. H. Fang Scholarship for Journalism and Communications – $1,000 | Awarded to Sophie Leid, CVHS
  • Eric Gorski Multimedia Scholarship Endowed Fund – $750 | Awarded to Joshua Lembke, CVHS
  • Susan Small Hall Scholarship Endowed Fund – $1000 | Awarded to Trevor Martin Thibert, CVHS
  • Zach Peters Performing Arts and Education Scholarship – $1000 | Awarded to Nell Kirby, CVHS

We are grateful to the generous donors who have made these awards possible through scholarship endowed funds. For a complete list of CPSF scholarships or to learn more about creating a scholarship, please visit our scholarships page.