CPSF boosts support in response to current crisis

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are pleased to announce that we are granting $182,000 to the Corvallis School District for emergency support and summer programs.

“We are committed to doing everything we can to support students in this difficult time,” said CPSF Board Chair Mike Sheets. “We understand that school closures present significant economic, academic, social, and emotional challenges for families.”

$106,000 is earmarked for food security and basic needs for vulnerable students. Funds will enable school outreach advocates to provide supplemental food and hygiene bags for families in need, as well as fresh produce from local farms. Supplies are delivered directly to households with the help of Dial-a-Bus. Funds will also provide rental and utilities assistance for families at risk for homelessness.

School outreach advocates estimate that at least 500 families in the Corvallis School District are experiencing – or at risk for – food insecurity, housing instability, and homelessness. This represents an increase in need since schools closed in mid-March.

“We are deeply grateful to everyone who contributed to our COVID-19 response fund in recent weeks,” said CSPF Executive Director Liv Gifford. “So far, we have received over 225 donations in support of food security and basic needs. These funds may be a lifeline for kids in precarious situations.”

Assuming stay-at-home orders are lifted, $76,000 will support summer programming to help students get on track for school in fall 2020. Interventions will accommodate nearly 500 students at multiple grade levels, from those entering kindergarten to high school seniors fulfilling last-minute graduation requirements. Programs are accessible by teacher invitation and are free to participants. View a full list of 2020 summer programs supported by the Foundation here.