Third 2017 Golden Apple Awardee Announced

We presented the third of four 2017 Golden Apple Awards to Kathee Kunke, Operations Assistant at College Hill High School today. Congratulations, Kathee!

A brief excerpt from her nomination: “In the world of alternative education, creativity and thinking outside the box are our guiding principles. We need to be sure that we are doing whatever it takes to ensure the success of every student. Kathee is at the heart of our creative efforts at College Hill, but she also keeps us in line with the law, district policy, and the best interest of the student. She keeps our building safe, secure, and beautiful. Often staying late and taking on tasks that most staff do not even know about, Kathee is willing to give of herself in deep, sacrificial ways to provide opportunities for all staff and students to experience success.

Every student in our building knows who Kathee Kunke is, but more importantly every student is known by her. Kathee not only greets every student, every morning, by name, she connects with them. No student is invisible to her! Kathee’s ability to listen to our students, to know our students, and recall specific details in each of their young lives is astonishing…. As our building’s OA she is inexhaustible in her willingness to support all staff members. From making appointments, to ordering classroom materials, to lining up transportation and lunches for fieldtrips, to solving tech issues, her list goes on and on how she truly makes all of our jobs easier…. We would not be the program we are without Kathee.”