Second 2017 Golden Apple Awardee Announced

We surprised Sarah Thompson at Lincoln Elementary School with the second of four 2017 Golden Apple awards this morning. Congratulations, Sarah!

Her nominee writes, “Sarah Thompson is magic, plain and simple. She uses data and love to drive all of her instruction. She collaborates with everyone in the building to ensure equity in learning opportunities for ALL kids. Her success is evident in our building data, and more importantly, in the smiles of the kids she works with.

Ms. Thompson has a unique relationship with EVERY student who is lucky enough to have her in their classroom. Her level of enthusiasm is unparalleled – in everything she does! She leads our assembly dances, as well as weekly Zumba Intercambio classes – the chance for parent Spanish-speakers and English-speakers to dance together and practice language together. She spends her spare time finding new and engaging ways to learn WITH the kids, and is always current on latest research and teaching techniques in her field. You would be hard-pressed to find someone more passionate or dedicated to helping language learners. Sarah has been an incredible gift to Lincoln, and her positive impact on students will last far past their time spent here.”

Sarah is shown below with her parents and fiance, Foundation Executive Director Liv Gifford, Superintendent Ryan Noss, and Mr. Ken Pastega.