Freshman Bridge Program for at Risk Freshmen

Freshmen Bridge is a summer program designed to support high school success for incoming freshmen identified as being at risk for not completing high school.

The Summer Program

Freshmen Bridge consists of a 12 day summer program in which participants receive:

  • Instruction and guided practice in reading, writing and mathematics
  • Introductions to available academic, athletic and social opportunities at their school
  • Introductions to student leaders, adult counselors and administrators
  • Field trips to places of future interest to participants—LBCC and local businesses

Additional benefits of the program include an introduction to the high school campus, small group assistance with registration, and relationship building with counselors and administrators.

57 current 8th graders have been invited to attend the 2011 session.

Throughout the school year, Freshmen Bridge “graduates” receive ongoing support in guided study hall programs which keep them involved academically and socially in their school.
Freshmen Bridge is available at both Crescent Valley and Corvallis High Schools and was established in the 2009-2010 school year with federal stimulus money, which unfortunately is no longer available. The total cost for the 2011 Freshmen Bridge summer program is $11,500, only $200 per participant.